GHOSTLY GRINS (Three Movie Set)

TOPPER RETURNS (1941) Stars Roland Young, Joan Blondell, Billie Burke, Patsy Kelly, Carloe Landis and George Zucco. Blondell is murdered by a cloaked phantom in a castle. Her ghost recruits Topper to return to the castle and scene of her death to solve the eerie mystery. The castle is inhabited by strange characters, including Zucco.

SPOOKS RUN WILD (1941) Bela Lugosi meets the East Side Kids for the first time. Lugosi plays a Dracula-type mystery man who slinks around an eerie old house and sleeps in a coffin.

KING OF THE ZOMBIES (1941) Trashed in many circles -- I love this film! Two men crash an airplane on a distant island. The island is presided over by a zombie leader. Mantan Moreland steals the show with the best one-liners around. Fun, very nice set.

GHOSTLY GRINS (Three Movie Set)
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