DEAD WALK - Classic Horror Films (Ten Movies)

Despite the disgusting cover, this set actually features some great fun...ten movies! This set of classic horror films includes: SHE BEAST (1965 with Barbara Steele), KING OF THE ZOMBIES (1941 with Mantan Moreland), DEAD MEN WALK (1943 with George Zucco and Dwight Frye), THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE (1959), THE APE (1940 with Boris Karloff), THE BLOODY PIT OF HORROR (1965), THE SCREAMING SKULL (1958), REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES (1936), ATOM AGE VAMPIRE (1960) and BRIDE OF THE GORILLA (1951 with Lon Chaney Jr.). Besides those feature films, this DVD also includes all 10 episodes of Boris Karloff's TV show "The Veil!" It's loaded.
DEAD WALK - Classic Horror Films (Ten Movies)
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  • Manufacturer: BCI
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