The amazing colossal issue number 59 from Dennis Druktenis! Another packed issue with more big bugs than can possibly be stopped! Giant grasshoppers, ants and cyclops monsters. San Francisco midnihgt spook show information unearthed with THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YOR. Big ants invade are nuclear picnics. Mummy memories with fan Martin Powell. The continuing series of great prehistoric monster movies. THE CALL OF CTHULHU calls -- a new silent black and white horror movie. John Zacherley - the king of TV Horror Hosts. Great drive-in ads from 1969 re-printed here. A farewell to the Hollywood Movieland Wax Museum. The world of Mr. BIG - Bert I. Gordon films. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein monster. David "The Rock" Nelson amnd his latest horror epic! Movue musiv and 40 Years of The Witch's Dungeon horror museum with founder Cortlandr Hull and much, much more!
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  • Manufacturer: Scary Monsters
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