PHANTOM CARRIAGE, THE (1921) - Blu-Ray Disc

A very interesting fantasy-morality play from the early twenties. A born bad-to-the-bone roughneck, drunkard, David Holm, with a sadistic side -- torturing his wife and kids dies on New Year's Eve. A fable of a the Phantom Chariot is that this horse-drawn vehicle is driven by Death, who must continue to collect souls for the hereafter. If a man dies at the stroke of midnight and is evil in nature, he must become the "new" Death until another evil soul dies at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Death finds him and he is treated to viewing his past evil deeds. It tells like the Christmas Carol and Scrooge....though this guy might be more despicable than Scrooge! Some very spooky scenes of the transposed chariot finding the recent dead. The horse is a skeleton! Interesting piece of cinema history.
PHANTOM CARRIAGE, THE (1921) - Blu-Ray Disc
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  • Manufacturer: Criterion
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