PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1956) - Blu-Ray

Includes both the restored BW and colorized versions. You get the popcorn, I'll get the Diet Mountain Dew and don't forget the chocolate covered raisins! Watching PLAN 9 is an event not to be taken lightly...though not truly the worst film ever made (as advertised by many), it's inspired high camp from director Ed Wood. Tor Johnson gets lots of lines to speak, Vampira doesn't do any (she doesn't need any!) and fleeting scenes of our hero, Bela Lugosi, in his Dracula cape for a final time. Then there's the chiropractor who filled in for Lugosi's character (as Lugosi died after his footage), holding a cape over his face! A cornerstone for your collection.
PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1956) - Blu-Ray
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  • Manufacturer: Legend
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