CREEPY COWBOYS (Four Weird Westerns) - DVD Set

The movies include:

TOMBSTONE CANYON (1932) A masked phantom killer is on the loose in a western town. Cool make-up for a western at the climatic unmasking scene.

VANISHING RIDERS (1935) Stars Bill Cody, Bill Cody Jr. and Ethel Jackson. Cowboys dressed up in skeletons and ghosts take to thgeir hoses to scare a ruthless gang of outlaws by night.

WILD HORSE PHANTOM (1944) Stars Buster Crabbe, Al "Fuzzy" St. John and Elaine Morey. A strange western featuring a weird old cackling miner and a giant bat in a mine. The bat was the reused prop from Bela Lugosi's THE DEVIL BAT movie.

THE RAWHIDE TERROR (1934) Stars Art Mix, Edmund Cobb, William Desmond and Frances Morris. A young boy's parents are killed by outlaws. Separated from his brother, he slowly goes a boy crazy and becomes bent on revenge. He becomes known as "The Rawhide Terror" and no man is safe!

CREEPY COWBOYS (Four Weird Westerns) - DVD Set
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