Four feature films starring Sidney Toler as Chan. Titles include: CHARLIE CHAN IN HONOLULU (1938) Stars Sidney Toler, Phyllis Brooks and George Zucco. Murder is the crime on a passenger ship. Charlie's sons try to take over the case, until dad steps in. The suspects include a lion handler, a nutty doctor with a living brain on board and a host of others. Toler's first appearance as Chan in the series. CHARLIE CHAN IN RENO (1939) Stars Sidney Toler, Ricardo Cortez, Phyllis Brooks and Robert Lowery. Charlie is called into a Reno hotel where a divorce broker has been murdered. The hotel is filled with potential suspects seeking a divorce from spouses. CHARLIE CHAN AT TREASURE ISLAND (1939) Stars Sidney Toler, Victor Sen Young, Cesar Romero, and Douglas Foeley. One of Chan's close friends is found dead on San Francisco's Treasure Island. Suicide...or murder? Charlie looks into it and discovers an underworld of the occult and mystics. Suspense and Chan family fun. and CHARLIE CHAN IN CITY OF DARKNESS (1939) Stars Sidney Toler, Lynn Bari, Richard Clark, Leo G. Carroll, and Lon Chaney Jr. Charlie Chan travels to Paris for a reunion of World War I friends. There he finds murder and espionage.
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