CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932) - Fox Horror Classics 2 DVD Set

CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932) Bela Lugosi as Roxor tries to thwart do-gooder Chandu. Lugosi excels as the villain. Nicely filmed with cool sets and a killer-diller death ray! DR. RENAULT'S SECRET (1943) George Zucco, one of our maddest doctors, turns an ape into an ape-man (J. Carroll Naish). Filmed with film noir style and quick pacing. Pass out the bananas and turn down the lights! DRAGONWYCK (1946) Stars Gene Tierny, Vincent Price, and Walter Huston. A young woman in engaged to tutor a man's daughter in a strange country mansion called Dragonwyck. The situation is strange and awkward. The master of the house keeps himself locked in a tower room for long periods of time. The servants are convinced of spirits and curses. And an ominous feeling of insanity grows deeper and deeper.
CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932) - Fox Horror Classics 2 DVD Set
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  • Manufacturer: Fox
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