ORLOK, THE VAMPIRE (1922/3-D Steroscope) - DVD

The classic film NOSFERATU with a fresh process, adding new blood to this chestnut! The 3-D Stereoscope looks great, without being over-done. Great definition of layers. Added sound effects and vocalization add a new dimension! 2 pair 3-D glasses included.

At first I didn't know what to think of the added vocalizing, but as the movie progresses, it's really great at adding new life to the film. The detail of sound effects are great....distant dogs barking, subtle footsteps. I was expecting the typical red-blue process blurring and headache, but this worked better than any red-blue process I've ever seen. Subtle 3-D with a few stunning scenes of archways, halls, and Orlok on the boat all look stunning with the 3-D. You can choose 2-D or 3-D viewing as well.

Fangs off to these folks for something new and well-done!

ORLOK, THE VAMPIRE (1922/3-D Steroscope) - DVD
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  • Manufacturer: QCP
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