CAN'T STOP THE ROCK (Documentary) - DVD

A documentary on David "The Rock" Nelson? You bet. One of the craziest personalities to hit monster fandom --- ever!

You've heard about him from conventions and on the Internet. He's a movie-maker, a classic pitch-man, an outrageous personality on the convention circuit, but most of all, a classic monster fan, just like you and me. Giving a new and twisted take on "the meek shall inherit the earth." It's David "The Rock" Nelson. Here's his story, told by Marquee Motion Pictures in CAN'T STOP THE ROCK.

A mind-bending look into the world of no-budget monster movie maker David "The Rock" Nelson. His life and world discussed in details with rare footage, home photos, and clips from TRULY the best, entertaining WORST movies. Don't walk run, for your life and sanity. From his appearances at Monster Bash to his annual Halloween TV stints on WGN in Chicago -- it's all with "The Rock!"

73 minutes and over 40 minutes of extras!

CAN'T STOP THE ROCK (Documentary) - DVD
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