UP FROM THE VAULT - Hardcover Book

It's a book by John Soister on some obscure forgotten horrors from the 1920s and primarily 1930s. So neat, unknown ones, to me. It picks up a handful that haven't been really explored in other books. Some neat titles include: THE MYSTERY OF FU MANCHU, WHILE LONDON SLEEPS (1926), THE MONKEY TALKS (sadly, a lost film), HIGH TREASON, THE SPIDER (1931), TRICK FOR TREAT (1933 - this one I wanna find!), THE VANISHING SHADOW (1934), THE WITCHING HOUR (1934 - another tantilizing one, DOUBLE DOOR (1934), BLACK MOON (Fay Wray in 1934, shortly after KONG), THE SCARAB MURDER CASE (1937) and the cool horror-comedy SH! THE OCTOPUS (1937) that takes place in a spooky lighthouse with a witch....and giant Octopus! Plus, more rare ones. In depth plots and cast. Lots of nicely reprinted rare photos and ad art. These are kind of films that really get me excited. There's still stuff to see...lots of it.
UP FROM THE VAULT - Hardcover Book
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