OTHERS, THE (2001) - DVD

If you're a regular shopper at Creepy Classics, you might wonder why THE OTHERS is being stocked here--as 99 percent of our catalog are old black and white films. THE OTHERS was so impressive by upholding the older ghost themes and classic movie values (without buckets of gore), that I felt it actually is perfect resting (in peace) right here at Creepy Classics. It's a comfortable ghost story with a British feel and wonderful moments of scares, shocks and spooks all done with class. This really can go along side my copies of THE UNINVITED, THE HAUNTING, and the THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE. A woman with light sensitive children hire new housekeepers in a rambling country estate. Uneasiness and fear slowly manifests in the household. Predictible at times, with a wonderful twist. Highly, highly recommended. This double disc set features the film on one disc and documentaries and extras on the second disc.
OTHERS, THE (2001) - DVD
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