MAD MAGICIAN (1954)/THE TINGLER (1959) - Blu-Ray

Double feature "Region 0" Blu-Ray!

THE MAD MAGICIAN (1954) Stars Vincent Price. Follow-up to HOUSE OF WAX. Vincent Price is a wronged magician gone totally crazy. Circular saws and magician tricks become methods of mysterious murder. Catch Ed Wood actor Conrad Brooks in a brief crowd scene where they light a huge, deadly bonfire.

THE TINGLER (1959) Vincent Price is giving it his all, making the unbelievable, believable. A creature that looks like a giant centipede grows in people's backs when they are frightened; they're called tinglers. Price goes through a bout with LSD, A man scares his wife to death and the tingler gets loose in a theatre! William Castle directs. Watch for the famous color scene with the bathtub of blood!

MAD MAGICIAN (1954)/THE TINGLER (1959) - Blu-Ray
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