GIANT CLAW (1957)/THE WEREWOLF (1956) - Blu-Ray

THE GIANT CLAW (1957)Stars Jeff Morrow and Mara Corday. A giant turkey vulture from outer space decides to take a bite out of the big apple. Played very seriously by all the cast members, who must have been horrified hen the saw the special effects! Why the monster is as big as a "battleship!" THE WEREWOLF (1956) Stars Steven Rich and Don Megowan. A man is kidnapped by wacko scientists whom experiment on him. Thanks to being a human guinea pig he is turned into a scientifically generated werewolf. He suffers the torments of the damned just as distant cousin Larry Talbot did. Region 0, plays in US players!
GIANT CLAW (1957)/THE WEREWOLF (1956) - Blu-Ray
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