HORROR IN THE ATOMIC AGE (2020/Documentay) - 3 DVD Set

A three DVD set from the documentary makers that brought you LUGOSI: THE FORGOTTEN KING. It's a look at the movies that scared America in the nuclear age! The most impressive list interviews on DVD anywhere. Actors, actresses, filmakers, special effects technicians and historians. Just some of the interviews and reflections include: Colleen Grey, Julia Adams, Ib Melchoir, James Karem Robert Dix, Richard Anderson, William Schallert, Ann Robinson, Brett Halsey, David Hedison, Joyce Meadows, Jimmy Hunt, Kathleen Hughes, Phyllis Coats, Hugh O'Brien, Billy Gray, Pat Boone, Kenny Miller, Terry Moore, Laurie Mitchell, Caroline Munro, Peggy Webber, James Best, Paul Mantee, Paul Lukather, Bob Burns, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Roger Corman, Samual Arkoff, Russell Johnson, John Agar, John Carradine, Jack Arnold, Bert I. Gordon, Ricou Browning and MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE editor, Ron Adams.
HORROR IN THE ATOMIC AGE (2020/Documentay) - 3 DVD Set
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