J'ACCUSE (1938/French with English subtitles) - Blu-Ray

A brave man volunteers his time in the first world war and sees all of his companions killed. When a second world war is on the brink, he accuses the world of not learning from the past war. In a morbid state of mind, he sets up his laboratory/workplace near where his dead comrades are buried. It is alluded that he practices some form of alchemy and is digging tunnels under the grave sites from his laboratory. On a stormy night, after returning from the tunnels, his hair has turned all white from what he has "seen." After his invention of "steel glass" is stolen for use in the pending war and the girl he loves marries another, he goes over the top. He summons all of the war dead to rise from their graves to remind people of the horror of war....and they do. The last 20 minutes of this film boast some of the wildest, most intense, riveting terror ever filmed. The skies become dreamlike in a black hurricane, the wind howls, corpses rise from graves and war monuments come to life like demon golems. In French with English subtitles. A full 120 minutes long. Highly recommended.
J'ACCUSE (1938/French with English subtitles) - Blu-Ray
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