4-D MAN (1959) - Blu-Ray

Stars Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether, James Congdon and Patty Duke. Lansing is a scientist developing a way to pass objects through solid objects. He experiments on himself and about gets his hand stuck in a piece of metal. But, eventually he masters it....but, there's always a catch. It drains his life away slowly and he must touch others, draining there life away and killing them, to make himself strong again. His obsession with his work loses him his girlfriend and normal way of life...in the third dimension. Really cool late fifties horror/sci-fi. The soundtrack is notable too; it's an odd mix of bopping jazz. Strange, and unique. Interviews, commentaries, trailer, gallery.
4-D MAN (1959) - Blu-Ray
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  • Manufacturer: Kino
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