LODGER, THE (1944) - Fox Horror Classics DVD Set

THE LODGER (1944) Laird Cregar is outstanding as Jack the Ripper in this classic horror.

THE UNDYING MONSTER (1942) Stars James Ellison, Heather Angle, John Howard and Bramwell Fletcher (THE MUMMY's laughing lunatic). In answer to the terrific THE WOLF MAN, here's a werewolf story that came out a year later. Of course, not near the film that THE WOLF MAN is...but very interesting in its own right. Great photography, some creepy moments and a real werewolf. The setting is an old European castle.

HANGOVER SQUARE (1945) Stars Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell and George Sanders. Pianist/composer Cregar is a mild-mannered, courteous psychopathic, homicidal nutcase. And, he does it sooo well! On the coat-heels of THE LODGER, this similar Cregar film is in many ways better than THE LODGER. Great photography and eerie visions into a world of homicidal insanity.

LODGER, THE (1944) - Fox Horror Classics DVD Set
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