BODY SNATCHER, THE (1945/Karloff-Lugosi-Daniell) - Blu-Ray

Stars Boris Karloff, Henry Daniell, Bela Lugosi, Russell Wade and Sharyn Moffett. A young medical student finds himself in the midst of a medical professor with skeletons in his closet. Local cabman Grey was also mixed-up in the business and won't let the medical teacher forget. Gruesome doings with Lugosi attempting to blackmail "The Body Snatcher" and unscrupulous means for acquiring dissection material. All this unsavory story is unfolded with delicacy and poetry by director Robert Wise and Producer Val Lewton. One of the best films in the horror genre ever made. A shock ending that was edited out of British and television prints for years. "You'll never get rid of me, never get rid of me, never get rid of me......heh!" New 4K scan, featurette, audio commentary by Steve Haberman and director Robert Wise, documentary, trailer, still gallery.
BODY SNATCHER, THE (1945/Karloff-Lugosi-Daniell) - Blu-Ray
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  • Manufacturer: Scream Factory
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