A collection of some of the strangest horror and science fiction films! Movies included: NIGHT FRIGHT (1967/John Agar), NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST (1958), PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE (1984), THE RETURN OF DR.MABUSE (1961), TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE (1965/BarbaraSteele), ALIEN SPECIES (1996), THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN (1960), COUNTERBLAST (also known as DEVIL'S PLOT/1948), THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE (1972), EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE (1956), FROZEN ALIVE (1966), THE HEAD (1959), ISAHO TRANSFER (1973/Keith Carradine), THE LOST JUNGLE (1934), ROBOT PILOT (1941), STAR ODYSSEY (1979), THIS IS NOT A TEST (1962), UNKNOWN WORLD (1951), WAR OF THE MONSTERS (1966), and WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND 1983).
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