APE, THE (1940)/BLACK RAVEN (1943) - Dbl. Feature Blu-Ray

THE APE (1940) Stars Boris Karloff. A misunderstood, good-hearted scientist wants to cure a young woman, but to do it, he must kill. A huge gorilla escapes from a circus and Karloff uses the news to his nefarious advantage. THE BLACK RAVEN (1943) A really cool little film of a small roadside hotel as the scene of violence. Glenn Strange is the Lenny-like assistant to hotel owner George Zucco. Zucco's black eyes gleam as he delivers heavy handed lines. A storm whips up and a torrential downpour ensues with howling wind and thunder through the events. Poverty Row in HD!
APE, THE (1940)/BLACK RAVEN (1943) - Dbl. Feature Blu-Ray
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