MATINEE (1993/Special Collector's Edition) - Blu-Ray

Stars John Goodman and featuring William Shallert. In a twisted, loving send-up of William Castle and 1950s sci-fi movies, MATINEE is a joy. Goodman is fabulous as a movie huckster, and the Cold War era story line is perfect. It's a throwback! A coming-of-age story set in the backdrop of the early 1960s with kids that had monster movies as part of their fiber. One of he best retro throwbacks ever made for monster movie fans.

Extras include brand new interviews with director Joe Dante, cast and crew. Plus, the full-length version of MANT!, the movie-inside-the-movie about a man turning into a radioactive ant-monster. Making of documentaries, trailer, introductions by Joe Dante.

MATINEE (1993/Special Collector's Edition) - Blu-Ray
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