SEVENTH VICTIM, THE (1943/Includes documentary) - DVD

Stars Kim Hunter, Tom Conway and Jean Brooks. A young woman searches New York City for her missing sister. She finds her sisters' former workplace...which is a Satanic cult in disguise. Her snooping leads to attempts to scare and perhaps kill her. Strange, weird people lurk in all the shadows. This Val Lewton production turns New York City into a claustrophobic, Gothic nightmare. You'll never forget the scene on the subway. An amazing film with ending that will know your socks and shoes off.

SHADOWS IN THE DARK is also included. A full length documentary on producer Val Lewton who headed production of THE SEVENTH VICTIM, CAT PEOPLE, CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, THE BODY SNATCHER, ISLE OF THE DEAD, BEDLAM, THE LEOPARD MAN and more. Amazing films by an amazing producer.

SEVENTH VICTIM, THE (1943/Includes documentary) - DVD
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