STRANGE DOOR (1951) and more - DVD Set

NIGHT KEY (1937) A kindly old inventor (Boris Karloff looking amazingly like Gepetto from Pinocchio) has his Night Key invention stolen by his employer. The device is a security lock system for stores, banks, etc. After being crushed by his boss's callousness, he takes to a life of crime.

THE STRANGE DOOR (1951) Karloff is a weird doctor and Charles Laughton is an evil aristocrat in this melodrama of mystery and torture in an old castle.

THE BLACK CASTLE (1952) Gothic horror mixed with adventure (similar to THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME). A spooky castle, a demented castle master, Boris Karloff and Gargon (Lon Chaney Jr.)! What more could you ask for. Richard Greene stars.

THE CLIMAX (1944) The PHANTOM OF THE OPERA sets in lavish color with Karloff keeping a dead wife in the cellar of the opera house. This film gets knocked for the songs and snappy patter getting in the way -- but I think it's fun and Karloff is great. Turhan Bey is the good guy.

TOWER OF LONDON (1939) Karloff, Rathbone and Price in this ancient tale of rivalry. Karloff is awesome as Mord the Torturer.

STRANGE DOOR (1951) and more - DVD Set
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