SCI-FI INVASION Vol. 2 - Four Movies - DVD

Movies include:

THIS IS NOT A TEST (1962) Stars Seamon Glass, Thayer Roberts, Aubrey Martin and Mary Morlas. A nuclear attack is under way and the United States is the target. A small group of people struggle through a night of terror as people's basic instincts run amok. A low budget sci-fi chiller with a touch of gritty film noir.

KILLERS FROM SPACE (1954) Also known as ALIENS FROM SPACE. Peter Graves stars in an early 50's sci-fi with the quintessential bug-eyed monsters from space. Graves is brought back from the grave(s) by the aliens. Whacky.

THE WASP WOMAN (1960) From the hive of director Roger Corman! A cosmetics big wig feels she's starting to lose her looks. She has injections from wasps that are supposed to give her that Ivory girl look again. Nope. More like the 5 1/2 foot insect look, with a need to kill, kill kill! Some really bizarre shots.

UNKNOWN WORLD (1951) Science Fiction melodrama of a group of people with little chemistry among themselves, drills for the center of the earth. Real life caverns were used in some scenes. Stunning photography.

SCI-FI INVASION Vol. 2 - Four Movies - DVD
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