THUNDER (Lon Chaney - Lost Film Series) - Softcover Book

THUNDER was the last silent film for Lon Chaney. His health was not good during the shoot and for the first time in his career he held up production while he recuperated. He plays Grumpy Anderson, a near retirement, old workhorse of a train engineer. It is said that a piece of artificial snow, used in the production, lodged in his throat causing an infection that led to his untimely death at age 47 on August 26, 1930. Only a few fragments exist. The novel was published in 1930 in France and has been translated by Eric McNaughton. "The 1929 audiences were up on their feet and cheering Chaney at the exciting climax of THUNDER." - Chauncey Haines - Silent Film Organist.

This book is a reissue of a French novelization (in English) of Lon Chaney's last silent and now lost film "THUNDER" from 1929. With the exception of a few found clips of this film , this is the best record of what occurs in the film.

Several rare interesting pictures from the production as well as a nice article by the 'trainmasters' grandson of his grandfathers training Lon in his portrayal as a railroad engineer and their friendship.

Recommended to the Chaney fan or silent movie buffs.

THUNDER (Lon Chaney - Lost Film Series) - Softcover Book
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