THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957) You'll never look the same at a praying mantis again! This thing destroys buildings and eats people. Call the Orkin man FAST!

THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957) On an expedition to Antartica, explorers find the a hidden land in a plateau crater. The "land unknown" is filled with prehistoric monsters. One memorable scene has a plesiosaur in a swamp/lake after the hero and heroine. Fun stuff when you were a kid, fun stuff again!

THE LEECH WOMAN (1960) An aging woman needs fluid from glands of humans to stay young. She must kill and kill and kill to keep those curls! Stars Coleen Gray, Gloria Talbot and Grant Williams.

CULT OF THE COBRA (1955) Military men stationed in India sneak into a snake cult's ceremony for laughs. The cult doesn't think it's funny and curses them all. A mysterious woman (Faith Domergue) enters the lives of the men when they get back to the states. One by one the group begins to die. Marshall Thompson stars with Domergue perfect as a cold, alluring temptress that has the habit of becoming a very large snake. Obviously owes a lot to CAT PEOPLE and the style of Val Lewton. Some really effective moments!

DR. CYCLOPS (1940) Filmed in color, this is the story of a doctor with too many screws loose. Working with atomic power on a remote island he shrinks animals and eventually -- people. Exciting fantasy from some of the KING KONG production team.

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