MAKING OF KING KONG, THE - Large Softcover Book

This hard to find item is worth the searching. Written 40 years ago, when many of the makers of the original "Kong" were still living, this is an exhaustive, thorough, and engaging history of the classic monster movie. It examines the life and philosophies of Merian Cooper, and spends a lot of time discussing the documentaries he made with his partner, Ernest Shoedsack, before they collaborated on Kong. There are tons of behind the scenes stills, test shots that never made it into the film, interviews with those responsible for the visual and sound effects, and detailed discussions about the matte processes that assisted in the film's scope and realism. Willis O'Brien, the stop motion animator behind Kong, is profiled in great (and loving) detail. For fans of this movie, this book is the real deal: probably the best history on its creation and legacy they're likely to find. A follow up, "Spawn of Skull Island" is a good companion piece to this lovingly crafted work. A book no Kong fan should be without. For those interested in the making of King Kong, and for fans of Hollywood history and the technique of special effects photography, "The Making of King Kong" is a book you should own. Used, with slight wear.
MAKING OF KING KONG, THE - Large Softcover Book
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